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International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) and the
European Council of Real Estate Professions (CEPI)

CEPI, the European Council of Real Estate Professions, supports European and cross-border real estate transactions by enhancing and developing the work and the activities of real estate professionals. The European property market is facing major and complex developments. International investments and inter-regional and cross-border transactions constitute an increasingly large part of this market.

New financial products, new players, emerging and diversified new services all complicate the task of property agents. In this context, strong and consistent action from a unifying and representative organisation at a European level would appear to be essential in clarifying, structuring and directing the development of the real estate market and its services. Our objectives are to become the favoured reference and the rallying point for European property professionals, to strengthen working relationships between professionals, to oversee the professional ethics of real estate agents and property managers and the quality of their education, and to improve market knowledge.


We believe that only a professional and ethical environment can really ensure quality of service, an accurate competitive positioning and a perception of added value, both for professionals and consumers. Find out more on CEPI and our activities on Contact us at


The CEPI President has been active in property management of residential and commercial properties since 1978, specializing in commercial properties since 1994. Involved in politics between 1979 and 80, ha was  Secretary General and Chairman of the Liberal and Radical Youth in Finland. Property manager, Marketing Manager and Managing Director in REIM Group, having strong expertise in the real estate field, he is also a member of the Board of Directors in many of REIM Group companies.

He has been a reliable and experienced property manager for a group of very different kind of properties and clients, including housing companies, private and municipal block of flats, shopping centres, large variety of commercial real estate from offices to industry, parking houses or leisure. He has also been a property manager and Managing Director for real estates in St Petersburg, Russia. Those clients represent very different nationalities around the world.

Timo was nominated “Property manager of the Year” 1986 in Finland by the Finnish Real Estate and Management Federation. He has also been an active Board Member and Chairman of the Board in numerous associations in real estate field. Nowadays he is a member of the Business Committee of the Finnish Real Estate and Management Federation, as well as a Board Member of CEAB, belonging to CEPI, having national member associations from almost every EU Member states.

Timo is actively taking part into challenging educational tasks, concerning real estate related fields, as well as other business skills and expertise. He regularly visits different kinds of real estate oriented companies and associations. Lectures in his home country and abroad play an important role in his present life. He also actively writes columns into real estate magazines in Finland.

Timo’s hobbies are gastronomy (member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs since 1991), wines (member of wine club Saimaan Musnkänkarna since 1991 and Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs), literature and music. He also takes care of his health by playing badminton.

Claudine Speltz was born in Belgium. After her studies of industrial accountancy, she migrated to the Grand Duché de Luxembourg, where she gave birth to two children.

As a Member and socioeconomic coordinator in a movement for permanent education, she set up a course of socioeconomic training. Within the framework of lifelong education, she followed a class on international taxation at the University centre. At the same time, she showed a particular interest in women status. In 1986, she established herself as an accounts and fiscal adviser, and property manager.

Since 1994, she is member of the Chambre Immobilière du G.D. de Luxembourg (CIGDL). Founding member of many associations, among which the Fédération des Femmes Cheffes d'Entreprise du Luxembourg (FFCEL) and the Groupement des Syndics Professionnels du Luxembourg, she was appointed “Manager of the Year 2004” (women category) by the editorial offices for economics of the Tageblatt, the second daily newspaper in Luxembourg.
In 2006, she received the European Trophy 2006 awarded by the Conseil Européen Femmes, Entreprises et Commerce (CEFEC), handed over by Simone Weil.
She is the CEAB President since January 2009.

Jan Borůvka was born on March 9, 1959 in Brno (CZ). He has been working in the real estate industry since 1991. Before he worked as an architect upon his original qualification. Jan lives in Prague, where he serves as Real Estate Consultant. He is co-owner of the Real Estate Company ParkReality, Chairman of the Information Centre ARK, Ltd., and member of several real estate projects’ leadership teams in the Czech Republic.

He was awarded the International designations of CIPS (Certified International R/E Specialist). In 1997 Jan became one of the founders of CEREAN (Central European Real Estate Associations Network), where he served in 1999 and 2000 as President. Currently, Jan is the Secretary General of the Association of Real Estate offices of the Czech Republic (ARKCR), as well as President of the FIABCI Czech Board (Czech chapter of The International Real Estate Federation).

Since 2004 he has been involved in EPAG and CEPI. He was appointed as EPAG Secretary General, then became Vice President and finally President in 2009.

He enjoys squash and volleyball. During winter he likes ski and snowboard. But his major hobby is music...